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The following pages will inform you in short about the most important aspects which KGE AG is dealing with. You can obtain more detailed information by means of the button “request of information”.

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Survey of products and services of KGE AG:

Delivery Program

  • Acrylate Extender
  • Primer For Highly Resistant Finish Foils
  • Recycling Of Inks
  • Haptic Pore For Finish Foils
  • VOC-Content
  • Casein-Based Decor Printing Inks

New Developments

  • AC Basic Ink System
  • Acid Hardening Lacquer Systems
  • Decor Concentrate “White”

Future Projects

  • Melamine Pore
  • Inkjet Printing Inks
  • Deep Black

Enjoy our homepage and do not hesitate to contact us for further information!