Dear Customer / Partner,

I am very pleased that you are interested in more information about myself and which background I have in order to professionally support you in the field of decor printing inks and lacquers. 

For more than 35 years I have been dealing with derived timber products, particularly in the fields of decor printing, printing inks and lacquers.

From the very beginning, I was fascinated of this special field, and I decided to make my passion a profession. As a consequence, I made an apprenticeship as decor printer and then successfully completed my studies as printing engineer at the university. This was the basic background for my today’s professional activities.

It was already during my studies at the university, when the most important producer of decor printing inks (Hartmann Druckfarben GmbH / now Sun Chemical Corp.) offered me a job as manager of their department ‘Application Technology Decor Printing’, and to proceed with the further development of their inks.

This was the beginning of my interesting and very successful ‘journey’ through the world of decor printing ink industry. Working for various companies in this field for a number of years, I could adopt profound knowledge and a comprehensive experience.

For several years, I worked for Arcolor AG in Switzerland, being mainly responsible for the establishment of their ultramodern decor printing ink production plant.

The next step was my employment in a decor printing company with the task to optimize their production processes as well as consulting the management in their realignment process of this company.

Subsequently, I worked for a well-known lacquer producing company in the area of furniture surface lacquers, mainly developing and improving their existing decor lacquer systems.

During this time, I asked myself whether I really want to continue working as an employee for a company, or whether it is more satisfying for myself to work independently and use my huge professional knowledge for the benefit of a larger number of companies.

Finally I decided to work as self-employed person, and in 2009 I established the company KGE Kracht Grafische Entwicklungen AG, registered in Switzerland.

Up to now, it has proven to be the best decision!

My company KGE AG is very successfully working in developing new products and in optimizing specific printing inks and lacquers based on the customers’ requirements. A further part of our activities is the optimization and analyses of existing production processes.

Thus a large number of companies worldwide benefit from my developments and my support.

Bernd Kracht